About Us




If South Africa is known as the 'Rainbow Nation' due to it's diversity of people, then Houston has to be the "Rainbow City'. Only in Houston, with its incredible mix of cultures and nationalities, would a South African concept be fully embraced and encouraged to thrive. Our South African, fast casual comfort foods will bring together people of all cultures, communities and backgrounds so that we can all eat and dine together as one family.



'Kaizen' is a Japanese philosophy of "continuous improvement" and makes up the core values of Peli Peli Kitchen. So what does it mean to us exactly?

We first learned of Kaizen from our friend and mentor, Taro Arai, the founder of the Mikuni Sushi Restaurant Group in Sacramento. He showed us that to really make an impact in everything we do as a company, we must follow these core values. We hope that you will join the Peli Peli family as we continuously improve to inspire others, create happiness, provide opportunities for our staff and make a lasting impact in our communities!

K - Kindness - Our purpose is to create happiness and make people smile, whether its from eating our food or from showing kindness through our projects.
A - Abundance - Every customer and employee deserves the best of what we have to offer.
I - Innovation - We strive to innovate and create experiences and food that people have never had before!
Z - Zappy - If you can't have fun, then what’s the point?
E - Excellence - We push ourselves and our employees to maximize our potential and excel in everything that we do.
N - Nurturing - It can be a cruel world out there, so we take every opportunity to nurture our guests, our employees, even total strangers that could use a hug!



Paul Friedman is the Master Chef of Peli Peli. Chef Paul has had over 35 years of experience in the restaurant industry, having owned and operated successful restaurant concepts in South Africa and Germany, as well as being the creator of Paul’s Pizza Shop, a nationally-recognized pizza concept in North Houston. Executive Chef Paul Friedman has utilized the Peli Peli spice in an innovative, unique way by infusing it with with fruits such as Guava, passion fruit, papaya and mango to create an explosion of flavor rather than something that is hot & spicy. The result is a myriad of marinades, seasonings and sauces that bring out the best flavors in steak, chicken and seafood and create a tingling sensation for your taste buds.